Know Where Your Business is Coming From

Prismana® helps businesses simply and cost effectively understand where their efforts are paying off — and where they are not.

And does it without disrupting your other systems.

The Concept

It's Simple: Let Your Customers Contact You the Way THEY Feel Comfortable

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Is Prismana right for your business?

So Much Good

Track Calls, Emails, Contact Form Fills, just about anything....

Call Tracking On Your Terms

Don't pay excessive rates for inbound service that should be little or no cost with a good phone system in place. Use your numbers and current system and leave the swapping to us.

Track Contacts That Don't Call

Although we live in a mobile world, people don't always use the phone as, well, a phone. They often prefer to email or fill out a form. That will render traditional call tracking useless.

Measure What Matters To You

Traditional analytics platforms are great but they can be hard to filter out. Now you don't need to. Prismana will only monitor what you want it to. If that changes, Prismana adjusts.

Less Qualifying, More Selling

Forget about asking your potential customers exactly how they found you. Prismana automatically gives you this information for the channels that you are monitoring. Now you'll know where they came from.

Scalability For Any Business

Some solutions start out reasonably priced – but as your needs grow they can ratchet up the pricing accordingly. Prismana is one flat fee so there's no surprises. We've got you covered.

Easy Of Use

Other solutions have a steep learning curve which means they don't really get used or they get used by one or two people. What happens if those people leave your organization? With Prismana, anyone can use it.

Prismana Packages

Whether you have very basic needs or really want to get granular, we've got a package that works for you.


$ 99 Monthly
  • 15-Minute Implementation
  • One-Click Channel Tracking
  • Track Email and/or Phone
  • Unlimited Use
  • Ticketed Support


$ 199 Monthly
  • All the Benefits of BASIC
  • Custom Channel Rules
  • Advanced Tracking Methods
  • Priority Ticketed Support
  • Early Access to New Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really take just 15 minutes to implement?

Yes! Implementation is quick and easy – and if you use Google Tag Manager, it’s even easier. You can probably be up and running in less time than it will take you to browse this site.​

Do I need to change any of my current systems?

No! The reason we built Prismana was because the solutions we encountered required disruption to our current infrastructure and workflow. Prismana works with any phone system, CRM, or marketing system because it actually generates data that those systems take in instead of creating data only for itself and then forces your systems to try and go get it.

Can I really manage Prismana myself?

Yes. We know that business owners tend to be more hands-on so we built Prismana to be easy for anyone to use with very little training. Your business can change pretty quickly. Prismana allows you to do that without some long drawn out process or worse – having to call us every time you want to make a change. This way you can start using Prismana immediately.

How will I know if Prismana is working on my site?

Once implemented and configured, you can use our testing tool to see what contact information visitors from any website will see. Alternatively, you can do it the old fashioned way and simply click on a link to your website from any of the channels you are monitoring.

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