What is Prismana?

Prismana® is an online lead attribution and ROI calculation platform built from the ground up to help businesses measure the efficacy of their efforts.

Simply put, Prismana was created to be an easy, cost effective solution. It solves a problem plaguing businesses since they started using the internet to do business:

"Are our efforts driving business?"

There have been many tools available to help with this. Some are good. Analytics platforms can tell you a lot about what happens as a result of your efforts. However, unless the platform is a true third party solution, they are not always impartial. Call tracking platforms can be effective but they are expensive and are driven by usage – plus they only track calls.

Prismana is different. It marries homegrown call tracking with lead capture. Eventually, it will display full metrics detailing the two. Something that makes Prismana special is, unlike other solutions out there, it actively displays calls to action that creates data naturally taken in by your existing systems to allow you to measure your success. It actions your site to help those systems work better. Prismana is predicated on the following three things:


You won’t leverage any solution if it’s hard to implement or use. Prismana takes about 15 minutes to implement once you have all the ingredients in place. Those ingredients consist of dedicated phone numbers, emails, contact forms, or any other means by which your customers can touch your company. Once you have those, implementation and configuration is a snap and Prismana does the rest. Right now, your reporting doesn’t change. It’s however you are doing it today.


Prismana doesn’t require you to change anything about your business. If you like your email, phone and CRM systems, we don’t see a reason for you to stop using them. If it ain’t broke, then there’s no need to fix it. Prismana will ensure that every customer for every channel you are measuring finds their way to the right place. All you have to do is have your contact mechanisms configured right.

Cost Effectiveness

Usage based solutions are expensive and they continue to get more expensive as your business grows. This is frustrating. That’s not how things should work. Call tracking sometimes sounds like a great plug-and-play solution but those minutes add up – and chances are your phone systems have unlimited minutes (so that’s wasteful). Lead capture solutions tend to get more expensive as your traffic goes up or the number of leads you capture increases.  Prismana is one flat fee – period.

Want to find out if Prismana is for you?
Check out this simple table to take the guesswork out of it.