Prismana Features

What makes Prismana® and its features so great? We built it from the ground up with your business in mind to do the things that small to mid-sized businesses need without all the things that they realistically will never use. We also kept in mind that if it’s hard to use then you won’t use it. Not every company can afford a Fortune 500 solution – nor do they need one. We also understand how hard it is to run a company and how much work even the smallest changes can become when you’ve got so many other things to think about.  Here’s what we feel are the biggest benefits to using Prismana.

Prismana is Simple

There are solutions out there to help you measure your business. However, they have a steep learning curve which means they don’t really get used or they get used by one or two people. What happens if those people leave your organization? With Prismana, you never have to worry about that. Anyone can use it.

Traditional analytics platforms are great but they can be hard to filter out. Now you don’t need to. Prismana will only monitor what you want it to. If that changes, Prismana adjusts.

Although we live in a mobile world, people don’t always use the phone as, well, a phone. They often prefer to email or fill out a form. That will render traditional call tracking useless.

Forget about asking your potential customers exactly how they found you. Salespeople don’t like doing it and customers don’t always let you know – but managers need it. Prismana automatically gives you this information for the channels that you are monitoring. Now you’ll know where they came from.

Prismana will actually tell you if there are new avenues of potential customers coming to your site so you can create a new channel to measure their benefit. If it doesn’t work out, you can simply abandon that channel or reassign those contact elements to another new channel you’d like to explore. Prismana will adjust the analytics on the fly. It’s that easy.

Prismana gets your customers in touch with the people in your organization that they need to talk to. It also allows your company to get the right leads to the best qualified salespeople for any particular channel. Less friction means better close rates.

One of the reasons our founders built Prismana is because they were an agency that needed a means of determining if what they were doing for their clients was successful. They wanted metrics and data that was pure with no agenda. Prismana keeps people honest and lets you see who is really doing a great job that deserves credit.  It doesn’t care if your Pay-Per-Click agency is great or not. It has no horse in the race as to which of your social channels performs the best. It simply tells the story.

Implementation and configuration of Prismana is something that takes minutes, not hours. Once you have the specified contact elements (phone numbers, emails, forms, etc) for the channels you want to track (organic, paid, social, etc) then the whole process can be done in about 15 minutes (give or take). You can literally be up and running in the time it took you to read this page.

Prismana is Affordable

Don’t pay excessive rates for inbound service that should be little or no cost with a good phone system in place. Use your numbers and current system and leave the swapping to us.

Lots of solutions are relatively affordable – when you first sign on – but as your needs grow and your company grows they can ratchet up the pricing accordingly. Prismana has no variable costs so if you double your salesforce or triple your inbound leads, there’s no additional cost. We’ve got you covered.

There are some really high-end solutions out there that make lots of lofty promises about how they can track your efforts. We’re not data scientists but we know that some of these claims seem a bit ambitious and may only really pay off for companies that have massive budgets where 2% can mean millions. Many of them don’t even have pricing on their sites — and others brag that they are ‘under $10,000/month, unlike those other, more expensive guys’. Who’s got $100K+ a year to measure their efforts?

On the other hand, basic call tracking software – which only handles phone calls – can easily run a business that has five salespeople over $1000/month – and that’s just for phone calls. Prismana isn’t anywhere near that and covers more than just calls.

Call tracking solutions can work great for some businesses while landing page solutions pick up where they leave off. If you have the wherewithal, Prismana can actually help you to create your own call tracking AND email lead capture solution and not have to manage any outside systems.

Prismana Works With Your Current Systems

Paying for usage of your own phone numbers is bad enough. If you decide to switch solutions, getting your numbers back may take some time — and who can afford to be hamstrung like that?

The reason Sales Managers and Marketing Directors love Prismana is because it gives them the intelligence they need to make smarter decisions.

Marketing people are able to get direct feedback from this platform and know what is working and what needs to be retooled (or abandoned) so that they are making the best use of their resources.

Sales Managers are able to understand which types of leads are getting closed by their different salespeople. They can adjust their lead routing to ensure that the salespeople who stand the best chance of converting a particular lead are getting those leads. Less wastes time, less wasted resources. Lower Cost-to-Acquisition. That makes everyone happy.

The difference between Prismana and a lot of other lead attribution solutions is that it actually actions your site and creates better data for your existing systems to use. It displays the information your visitors see based on where and why they came to your site. This makes your phone systems, CRM, email systems better by way of giving them better information to do their jobs better. Think of Prismana as high octane fuel for your internal systems.

Some solutions out there force you to completely adopt their ecosystem for their products to fully work, thereby forcing you to get rid of some systems that may work better for you. This effectively bundles you and doesn’t leave you the ability to pick and choose what solutions you use for different functions. If you like your systems, then keep them. Prismana works with just about everything.

Prismana runs quietly in the background and doesn’t slow down your website. It also gets people connected more efficiently by intelligently routing your customers and not wasting time. Less friction means a better experience.

We’d hate to lose any customer but we also don’t want to hold them hostage either. The major downside to discontinuing the use of Prismana is that you will go back to not knowing what is ringing your phones or where your leads are coming from. The data we created is already in your systems and there’s no need to do any additional development work to get rid of us. We’re out as easily as we were put in.