Is Prismana for My Business?

You may be asking yourself, "This solution looks great but is Prismana for my business?" We've built this table to help you determine that:

If your business:

  • has a director of marketing and/or sales
  • has multiple salespeople handling inbound calls
  • gets its leads from a variety of channels (organic, paid advertising, social, referral, email marketing)
  • has phone systems that charge you little or nothing additional for inbound local calls
  • has budgets specifically dedicated to certain efforts
  • has a decentralized or staggered sales staff
  • uses traditional call tracking services
  • uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • uses call queues/hunt groups to route calls
  • values understanding if its marketing is working

If your business:

  • already know exactly where sales come from
  • does not do inbound marketing
  • does not have a website or does not control its own website
  • does not have a phone system
  • does not use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • gets most or all of its business via word of mouth
  • does not capture lead sources as they come in
  • does not measure Return on Investment for channel-specific efforts
  • has an unlimited budget to spend on email marketing, social, paid advertising and SEO
  • does not route calls/leads to its salespeople

then Prismana is a great fit for your business

then Prismana may be a great fit for your business