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We know that business owners tend to be more hands-on so we built Prismana to be easy for anyone to use, with very little training. Your business can change pretty quickly. Prismana allows you to do that without some long drawn out process – or worse – having to call us every time you want to make a change. This way you can start using Prismana immediately.

Yes! Implementation of Prismana is quick and easy – and if you use Google Tag Manager, it’s even easier. You can probably be up and running in less time than it will take you to browse this site.

There are some things you’ll want to do before implementation:

  • Collect the information you will be putting into the Prismana system. These are really dependent on how you collect leads in your business. Examples: phone numbers, email addresses, form id’s, promo codes. If you only collect leads via form fill then all you have to worry about are those mechanisms.
  • Test those contact mechanisms to ensure that your systems are working right (i.e., the phone number you assign to your email campaigns is ringing the phones of the people on your sales team that handle email leads)

No! The reason we built Prismana was because the solutions we encountered required disruption to our current infrastructure and workflow – and that’s not OK. Prismana works with any phone system, email system, CRM, or marketing system because it actually generates data that those systems take in normally instead of creating data only for itself to force other systems to try and extract or integrate with. Prismana will not mess up your current processes, it will just make that data better.

Yes, Prismana is built to allow you to enable click-to-call functionality anywhere on your site if you wish.

Yes. Visitors who want to take advantage of a click-to-call mechanism will ring the right number. When you configure your account, be sure to add these numbers in their vanity form (i.e., 800-555-CASH) as you wish them to be displayed. We’ll do the rest – automatically.

Currently, we are able to exchange and display a number of elements. The most common ones right now are:

  • Phones numbers
  • Email addresses
  • HTML forms
  • Promo Codes
  • Specific text
  • URLs/links

Because of the custom field options, there’s virtually nothing we can’t swap out based on your needs.

Yes. This is the way it is intended to be used. We are, of course, here to help you in any way we can. Most customers don’t require assistance in setting up and managing their Prismana accounts.

Once implemented and configured, you can use our testing tool to see what contact information visitors from any website will see. Alternatively, you can do it the old fashioned way and simply click on a link to your website from any of the channels you are monitoring.

Yes. In order for Prismana to do its job, it needs to plant and store cookies on the machines and devices of your site’s visitors. If it’s not already been done, we recommend you add language to your site’s privacy policy that mentions that your site utilizes cookies for tracking and marketing purposes and may use 3rd party cookies for these purposes. There’s a good chance that you use other tools that already make use of cookies so having this language is just good practice.

The information these cookies collect and use is anonymous by nature. We do not share this information with you, our customer. 

We’re working on that part of the platform now. Until that is finished, you can run your own reports the way you do now by exporting the data out of your systems – just like you do now. The beauty of Prismana is that it segments data so that your systems take in better information for the purposes of analysis. But don’t worry, that reporting platform will be available soon – and it’s going to be awesome.

Yes! We’ve built out our administration panel so that we can scale this solution for agencies of all sizes. Contact us for more details.

No, we do not provide these systems. You will have to have those yourself. If you need one or more of these things, our partner company, Phacient, can help get you set up with them quickly and easily.