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Google Analytics

Why You HAVE to Use Google Analytics

I have been a bit critical of Google Analytics recently. I find it hard to use if you are not a certified data nerd. It also does not give you a lot of information you can...

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The Problem with Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great tool for marketers. They drive your potential customers to a place on your site where the message is specific. They also provide a clear call to action. That’s not the problem...

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Channel Based vs Session Based Call Tracking

The Problem with Session Based Call Tracking

Session Based vs Channel Based Call Tracking There are two types of call tracking – channel based and session based call tracking. For years, the only choice businesses had was channel based call tracking. This was...

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Direct Traffic is Frustrating

What is “Direct Traffic” — And how to avoid it.

Direct Traffic, how I loathe thee Anyone who has ever used Google Analytics wants to see where there traffic is coming from. And anyone who’s tried to do that has seen something like this: That big...

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Experimenting with your marketing mix

Marketing Channels – Revisiting Your Online Marketing Mix

Where to Start with Your Online Marketing Mix For our first post on this blog I think it’s apropos that we talk about marketing channels and the online marketing mix. Every marketer reading this is familiar...

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